Friday, April 16, 2010

I Won A Goodreads Giveaway!

The book is titled "zero percentile" and it is written by Neeraj Chibba.

It was really an interesting read. My review of the book (as posted on

 The book is about a boy Pankaj and his life in India and Russia. The book is divided in three parts:

Phase 1: It is all about Pankaj's young life and his friends at school. It reminds of the phase of life when we are young and carefree, make lifetime friends and dream of an extraordinary future. Pankaj's life revolves around his friends, their adventures, failures until the time comes to make a career decision. On his father's advise, he starts preparing exhaustively for IIT JEE.

Phase 2: It deals with the college life of pankaj and is based in Volgograd, Russia. Pankaj lives among students from almost every part of the world and tries to cope up with their entirely different outlook towards life. He learns a lot of ways to deal with the world.

Phase 3: Pankaj becomes responsible about his priorities in life. He tries to make a living in Russia but is deceived by his seniors who cheat him. He starts his own business and faces new challenges at every step. He is also worried about his non-existent love life.

The book is a good read because it is a simple story written in an interesting way. The book is written in first person and has a feel of personal diary. It gives an insight to the problems faced by teenagers, it deals with the fact that ordinary people have the additional weight of responsibility to do something extraordinary to get noticed, it reflects that failures are a part of everyone's life and inspires to look ahead, leaving the bitter memories of past behind.


  1. Congrats !!!

    I will buy this book soon.

  2. then i guess i need to read it too!!! :p :p

  3. Congratulations! It sounds like a distinctive read. If you like giveaways, I'm having one now and giving away a beautiful canvas and recycled leather tote bag I designed full of beauty goods.


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