Saturday, August 30, 2014

Woes of online shopping

it's too easy and its too convenient. that's it. that's the biggest woe of online shopping.
one doesn't even realise when and how why and ends up spending thousands in it.
i had always thought of myself as being the 'in-control' sort of person where matters of spending were concerned. but i've had a few guilty splurges and i think soon i'll have to change the description as:
'hi, i'm Ankita Gour and i'm a shopaholic.'

 no, its terrible. i cant let it happen.
strict times need strict measures. i'm not even going to look anyplace that mentions a discount. discounts are the worst traps.
Also, i'm going to make a list of the things i NEED, and not look over to anything else no matter how much discount it is on.

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