Monday, October 29, 2012

General update

i feel bad every time i go over a month without updating the blog. October; what a month is was! not at all what i expected (and NOT in a good way). there were largely moments of moroseness, reflections, and  occasional panic attacks thrown in to make my life more miserable than it usually is.
so, these are the updates (i've tried to think of as many happy ones as possible).

  • I finally finished reading 'Atlas Shrugged'. Boy, that John Galt speech was long! The characters, the system, and the world portrayed in the seems to resemble the real world so closely that it's almost depressing.
  • I read 'Metroland' by Julian Barnes in three days! it was a smooth read. A frank, amusing, philosophical and entertaining narrative that helped lighten my spirits. i'm glad books like this exist to make me feel better. 
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