Saturday, August 30, 2014

Woes of online shopping

it's too easy and its too convenient. that's it. that's the biggest woe of online shopping.
one doesn't even realise when and how why and ends up spending thousands in it.
i had always thought of myself as being the 'in-control' sort of person where matters of spending were concerned. but i've had a few guilty splurges and i think soon i'll have to change the description as:
'hi, i'm Ankita Gour and i'm a shopaholic.'

 no, its terrible. i cant let it happen.
strict times need strict measures. i'm not even going to look anyplace that mentions a discount. discounts are the worst traps.
Also, i'm going to make a list of the things i NEED, and not look over to anything else no matter how much discount it is on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekend appreciation post

Never do we realize the importance and value of weekends until we start working 9 to 6 ourselves. and never do we miss the weekends as much as we do on a weeknight. when after a tiring (and most probably irritating) day at work we come home to get rid of the heaviness in our heads, to relax and forget the deadlines to be chased, challenges to be met, only for a few hours so that we could get a peaceful night's sleep.

Today i fell asleep on the bus on my way back from work. i was the last one to get off, one stop farther away from mine so i had to walk back. While i was walking i could only think of two things - how thirsty i was (i'd forgotten my water bottle at the office too) and how desperate i was to fall into the comforts of my bed.
Fall into my bed i did, closed my eyes and wished for the world to stop still for a moment. When i finally mustered the energy to get up i realized that the moment had lasted for half and hour and the world hadn't stopped at all.
After i got myself fed and watered and all, i took up my usual - caught up on my reading, surfing the web for interesting articles and just when i was getting into real mood (y'know.. music blasting in my earphones and looking up book reviews to add more books on my shelf when i'm already behind in my to-read pile, and snacking on various sorts of unhealthy salty snacks etc), a voice in the back of my mind was going on and on about if i don't go to sleep right now - i'll be late to work in the morning and again i'll sleep on the bus on my way back. And then i knew i just had to make a post about how it sucks not to be a weekend how i miss the weekend. ALL THE TIME. EVERY WEEKNIGHT.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


i've never written my diary in one place. pages of it, you'll find in my old unused notebooks, some entries in the papers i might have been using for rough work when i had the impulse to write. most of my entries are in my actual diary of course that i used to maintain when i had my PC but now since i'm all grown up and working, living away from home and being independent etc i make do with my pen-and-paper-in-flesh diary in which i sometimes i stick cards, make doodles, keep my to-do lists, sometimes my bills too. and then there are the rare records of my thoughts - written, stashed away somewhere and then forgotten only to be found when i'm least expecting them. like the unpublished posts on this blog or the posts tagged 'private' that can only be seen by me. when i read them, it's like a breeze of nostalgia swept on my phase. its a funny feeling when you have your thoughts so solidly staring down at you from a page. like yeah, at some point they existed. and i always read them and in my head can't help telling my past self that it all works out in the end, that the worrying was in vain, that i should take it easy and enjoy every moment. and i wonder how i have eased out of it and have new circumstances and set of challenges and the way i feel about them... like my entire way of thinking has evolved. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Using bloggeroid for the first time

Let's see how this goes. Lack of a system has lead to this. And I am missing the tap of keyboard :/

^sample image for testing

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New year, new opportunities

i've been MIA for a while. a long while.
there are some things you can't just avoid. like growing up, graduating and then leaving home. i haven't really felt like blogging since i moved out and also because i wasn't able to access blogger too.
so a lot has happened. i spent a few months in bangalore drifting in and out of good days when i was all hopeful and optimistic and bad days when i was anxious about the future. And now i have a job and i'm in pune on my own totally independent and not enjoying it as i had thought at one point i would.
still, with each passing day i'm moving on.. i don't know where but life is moving on. what how and where are the things i can survive without knowing.
So, Happy new year, i hope everyone has a great year ahead and get all the things wished for :)
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