Friday, February 19, 2010

What to do when you are caught Bunking...

We all have bunked classes, lectures, (some of us might've bunked a whole session, even exams!) while were at school/college.Some poor, unfortunate souls (amateurs specially) get caught in the "act" of bunking. Although it is just innocent rule-breaking by students to escape the boredom enforced on them during the class, teachers and professors consider it as a personal insult hurled at them. They are intent to catch "shameless" students in the act. When their luck is good, they do.
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When the students finds themselves in such a tight place, cornered by someone while bunking, they come up with all sorts of explanations and make up stories to save their neck. Some stories/excuses/explanations that students make when they're found OUT of the class when they're supposed to be inside.

1. I was not feeling well, so i came out to breathe in some fresh air.

2. I thought you were absent today.....

3. I had an appointment with my doctor, mum's gonna come to pick me up anytime now.

4. I have lost my homework notebook so i was searching for it in the library, staffroom etc.
5. I was studying in the library and couldn't keep track of time.

6. I was in the bathroom...upset stomach you  know *groan*.

7. I'm out here because I was trying to find out the mathematical equation according to which breeze blows, clouds change shapes and flowers bloom.......for the science project.

8. I was thirsty, but all the water taps seem to have dried up, there was liitle water in the tank at the roof of this building so i was searching  for pebbles to throw in there and make the water level rise.

9. Someone came and told me that i was needed in the football ground, oh no! NOW i realize that it was a prank!

10. I came a bit late and class had already started so i thought i shouldn't disturb.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stuff students (like me) do when exams are only a week away

1.Call friends at home for group study and end up debating on what to study and then its time for everyone to go.

2. Get up early in the morning, clear the desk to study, read the first page of the book and fall asleep with their head on the desk.

3. Make a timetable and promise themselves that they'd follow it from next day.......(and repeat the process everyday).

4. After few days of procrastination, make some modifications in the time-table (1/2 hr of study- 2 hrs of tea break-1 hr TV break -1/2 hr of study)

5. Download examination tips and sample question papers from internet...and after about 2 hrs search the net again for solution of those sample question papers.

6. Study all night (only to forget everything in the morning).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Canvas shoes: funky, cool, casual, crazy!

Canvas shoes are the best comfort footwear for college students.

1.They are cool and comfy to hang out in and the stretch canvas compound keeps foot active and rejuvenates foot nerves.

2. They suit the taste of every person as they come in a variety of colors an styles.

3.They are economical enough not to pierce a hole in the pocket of an average college going student.

4. They can be paired up with almost everything from funky tees and jeans to shirts and casual denim shorts.

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