Monday, January 27, 2014

Using bloggeroid for the first time

Let's see how this goes. Lack of a system has lead to this. And I am missing the tap of keyboard :/

^sample image for testing

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New year, new opportunities

i've been MIA for a while. a long while.
there are some things you can't just avoid. like growing up, graduating and then leaving home. i haven't really felt like blogging since i moved out and also because i wasn't able to access blogger too.
so a lot has happened. i spent a few months in bangalore drifting in and out of good days when i was all hopeful and optimistic and bad days when i was anxious about the future. And now i have a job and i'm in pune on my own totally independent and not enjoying it as i had thought at one point i would.
still, with each passing day i'm moving on.. i don't know where but life is moving on. what how and where are the things i can survive without knowing.
So, Happy new year, i hope everyone has a great year ahead and get all the things wished for :)
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