Sunday, August 12, 2012

Anxiety aka Scared of being Scared

Relax.Nothing major. But these days i am sort of getting bouts of nervousness now and then for no apparent reason. It has scared me off from stepping out of home or accepting invitations for dinner or take some harmless medication because I'm too paranoid. I become short of breath in the middle of a conversation and my heart starts racing. I'm afraid of getting these symptoms which in turn makes me more anxious when i feel them which in turn makes me more anxious. It's a vicious cycle.
At one point (actually a few days ago) i thought only a psychiatrist can help me now (a consideration my parents refused to take seriously, like, "What rubbish! you are perfectly fine. Just meditate some minutes and concentrate on your studies!") But thank God! i don't feel the need to see a shrink now (thanks to this guy) my scary symptoms have subsided somewhat. But i still get really nervous when i go out :-/  It takes times like these to realise how underrated and taken-for-granted normal life is.

In the dark of night when deep dark thoughts invade the mind at its weakest .. a little voice inside inside me says that maybe i'm going insane. 
Relax. It's what i keep telling/reminding myself. Relax.

Friday, August 10, 2012


There was a seminar organised by TCS a while ago in my college. I had jotted down a few things in my notebook and forgotten all about it apparently. But i was going through the notes looking for something else when i stumbled upon this stuff (along with some mysterious looking doodles). I remember nothing of what happened that morning and this is all i have left of that presentation. 
# Get out of comfort zone
# Don't stop learning
# Keep stress at bay
# PANIC: Defy it. Defeat it.
# Take risks. 
# Filter out what you don't like. 
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