Sunday, May 3, 2015

life and times and blah

Almost half of 2015 has gone already, god knows where i've been! oh yeah, in my cubicle on weekdays and lazing around or shopping on weekends.

it's like being in a time capsule that has taken me to a future date making me fatter and older in the process.

Honestly, growing up sucks.  All my life my decisions were taken for me by my parents. Even in college i let them do that not knowing that i can actually take charge of my life and whatever happens is going to affect me in the end.

And now that i know, through living independently for around a year and a half that now my life is my responsibility, decision making has become even more difficult.

And for a person like me, who's had a bout of anxiety before, this loop of 'what-if's is a whirlpool madness best avoided.

So what do i do?

solution 1: put your problems in a bundle and put it away to deal with it later at the back of your mind. then ignore it until it goes away.

solution 2: Acknowledge everything, try your best to take care of things (this involves dealing with people). Solves the problem but at the end of the day i feel pathetic. (Because people can disappoint you too).

solution 3: the best way. i'm yet to think of it though.

And this year i'm also way behind my reading.... Seriously, where is all the time in the world going?!

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