Friday, February 19, 2010

What to do when you are caught Bunking...

We all have bunked classes, lectures, (some of us might've bunked a whole session, even exams!) while were at school/college.Some poor, unfortunate souls (amateurs specially) get caught in the "act" of bunking. Although it is just innocent rule-breaking by students to escape the boredom enforced on them during the class, teachers and professors consider it as a personal insult hurled at them. They are intent to catch "shameless" students in the act. When their luck is good, they do.
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When the students finds themselves in such a tight place, cornered by someone while bunking, they come up with all sorts of explanations and make up stories to save their neck. Some stories/excuses/explanations that students make when they're found OUT of the class when they're supposed to be inside.

1. I was not feeling well, so i came out to breathe in some fresh air.

2. I thought you were absent today.....

3. I had an appointment with my doctor, mum's gonna come to pick me up anytime now.

4. I have lost my homework notebook so i was searching for it in the library, staffroom etc.
5. I was studying in the library and couldn't keep track of time.

6. I was in the bathroom...upset stomach you  know *groan*.

7. I'm out here because I was trying to find out the mathematical equation according to which breeze blows, clouds change shapes and flowers bloom.......for the science project.

8. I was thirsty, but all the water taps seem to have dried up, there was liitle water in the tank at the roof of this building so i was searching  for pebbles to throw in there and make the water level rise.

9. Someone came and told me that i was needed in the football ground, oh no! NOW i realize that it was a prank!

10. I came a bit late and class had already started so i thought i shouldn't disturb.


  1. Options 8 and 9 were hilarious! :D

  2. well i had bunked my classes just for fun.....n whnever i was fond out i used 2 give an excuse tht i was in medical add ths also...:)

    1. I used that but it didn't work my school just phone the nurse and ask

  3. i caught while bunking my tuition nd the teacher calle home any ideas...??

    1. You should make up some convincing story such as: u hadn't done your homework and were too scared to face the teacher so u tried to bunk and complete your notes :D

  4. thanks, those tips were great. i am now gonna explain my many absenses due to medical reasons, loss of homework journal and that we had a room change

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  6. I have bunked today .And tomorrow is open day. If parents come to know that I have bunked what should I say?


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