Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stuff students (like me) do when exams are only a week away

1.Call friends at home for group study and end up debating on what to study and then its time for everyone to go.

2. Get up early in the morning, clear the desk to study, read the first page of the book and fall asleep with their head on the desk.

3. Make a timetable and promise themselves that they'd follow it from next day.......(and repeat the process everyday).

4. After few days of procrastination, make some modifications in the time-table (1/2 hr of study- 2 hrs of tea break-1 hr TV break -1/2 hr of study)

5. Download examination tips and sample question papers from internet...and after about 2 hrs search the net again for solution of those sample question papers.

6. Study all night (only to forget everything in the morning).


  1. How many of these do you really do? :D

  2. solid yaar...dis is d real truth f almost every student's life....u got it!

  3. 4 me, its like whenever I face books... I facebook! :p


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