Thursday, December 17, 2015


No, this isn't an appreciation post for Adele's new album (which it totally deserves, i love that ish but that stuff is for some other time).

This is for when you turn 25 and look back to what your life has been, what changed you and made you.....

I'm not a fan of looking back at life. it gets you reminiscing, pining for the old times. In Dumbledore's words

Nostalgia is a rich emotion but a useless one when life has other pressing needs.

But 25 years being considered an important milestone, you gotta look back objectively in order to learn from your mistakes. That time is almost over where you had the liberty to make as mistakes you wanted to, take as many risks as you wanted to. in other words, at this point you feel like:

Shit just got real.

This is for when you turn 25 and look ahead preparing yourself for unforeseen challenges of this bitch of a life.

The way i see it, easiest and prettiest half of life is over. Now we get to the shitty part where you're gonna have a job, deal with annoying people, get married (ugh) , have kids, take responsibility and shit.

okay i got carried away in the rant.

 Honestly, i have no idea what other half is going to be like... that scares me. it's like walking in the dark. you have no idea if you're going in the right direction.

 Its not about getting older.. its more about what you've faced so far that decides how squared up you'd be for what comes next.


Being 25, wading through life not as much on hopes as much as on Grit, patience and discipline.
Being 25, not judging people and being more understanding because everybody has problems.
Being 25, not letting anyone to get me into thinking that i'm not good enough.

Happy Birthday to me.

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