Monday, September 28, 2015

Manache Ganapati of Pune

5 'Manache' ganapati mandals are part of Ganeshotsav tradition started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak to bring society together as a whole.

On friday, me and friends visited these pandals amidst pious people packed streets to offer our prayers.

It was the last day of 10 day ganpati fest and streets were blocked for vehicles and volunteers were in place to manage the human traffic that has poured itself out to get 'darshan' of Lord Ganesha.

1. Kasaba Ganapati

We made our way to the first Ganapati of honor.

2.  Jogeshwari 

3. Guruji Talim

Couldn't take a pic because of the crowd, but we did take a lot of selfies on our way ;)

4. Tulsibaug

That was a very impressive pandal..

5.  Kesariwada

I'm not sure if this was the last one... 

But everywhere we went there was this ambiance of piety and festivity with devotional music playing or chanting of holy prayers. On the streets was fair like frolic and it was just great even though we got a bit tired after so much walking :)

Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudchya varshi loukarya!! :)  

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