Sunday, December 2, 2012

Locked out

I know many a people who faced incidents like being locked out of the house or leaving keys in the car etc. i know that feeling. it's maddening. Once, i locked my keys by mistake in my scooty. i had whacked my head several times on that occasion. But even then i had a solution at hand: my backup key at home!

Now the situation i'm facing is ridiculous and sapping-my-spirits kind of despairing. i am somehow locked out of my social networks.
i've been able to access gmail and this blog after a lot of hardwork and brain wracking. but facebook, twitter, tumblr: i just can't access the sites that are the reason for me to use internet. With final exams at hand i can't even give time to the problem. And yeah, exams pose a whole different problem together. I used to think Optical fiber communications was an easy subject. what a fool i was. 
I have so many problems AND I CAN'T EVEN RANT ABOUT IT ON TWITTER!!!

i should go lie down now.


  1. Well on the other hand it should have been a boon for you during these exam days. Anyways these are the days where Isolation from social networks are more horrifying than personal Isolation

    Although it should never be the case. Anyways Good luck for your examinations :)

  2. thanks ankit :), they went horrible btw :P


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