Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012

The year is closing to an end. It did not go as had thought it would. Time never fails to surprise. I had hoped certain things to go better, which they didn’t and what I hadn’t expected were the few moments of bliss.  I’ll try harder not to expect much from 2013.
As at the end of every year, i reflect back to the last 12 months and things i learnt about myself, people, world, life.

  •  The moments we cherish later in life are mostly those that had taken us by surprise.
  • In order to find happiness I’ve learnt that we need to be away from things that make us unhappy. Like certain people, certain expectations.
  •  Another thing I learnt is to always be thankful for what we have got, even the smallest of things. You just can’t expect everything to be just the way it has always been. Life comes with changes and without any instruction manual to keep up with it. So what we have today might not remain one day. Cherish it.
  • Do not judge yourself from anyone else’s eyes. You are the best judge of yourself. Do not beat yourself over with what somebody else thinks of you. People lead imperfect lives themselves and often their views are distorted, especially of introverts like me. Look for inspiration everywhere and you’ll find nice people too.
  • Mind control – nothing is impossible if you have control over your mind your thoughts. Your life comes into your own hands and you feel the presence of god inside and around yourself.
  • The most dangerous opponent in life is fear.
  • Never let go of hope. Even in the worst of times.


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