Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Have A Foolish Heart

this is something straight from the pages of my personal diary

"...Infatuation, attraction, feelings.. why do they even exist? Humans could function so much better without them. Intellect would've gotten priority and appearance wouldn't have existed. World could have been spared so much drama...."

.. isn’t that what I wanted? For him to hate me so that I could get over him? I AM pretty much over him.. but there is still that dull ache in my heart whenever  I see him or think of him… if only he and his world could vanish somewhere far away from mine, I could’ve been then able to convince myself into believing that perhaps he was a figment of my imagination, he didn’t really exist.  Except that it’s not so easy..  our worlds do coincide sometimes, it’s inevitable to stumble by into each other now and then..and on such occasions it is hard to keep the heartbeat from rising, to act cool and pretend that he doesn’t exist... "

".. Oh damn you stupid heart! Don’t you know, you little innocent, na├»ve thing? It will lead you nowhere but into a sea of hurt, sadness, disappointment, pain and it would ache so sweetly and sadly that you won’t want to come    of it, even if it cuts you apart. That’s just the thing about love."

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