Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thriller month

March indeed was one. i read two amazing thrillers, i completed watching Sherlock series, and i was absolutely thrilled when i did river rafting in Ganga. i met amazing people on that trip. speaking of thrills and chills, exchanging ghost stories in the middle of the night and cliff jumping couldn't be left out either. so, all in all, march brought me great experiences.

it was, without a doubt, the best psychological thriller i have ever read. it has a strong female character, a dangerous psycho villain, even more dangerous - psycho criminal psychiatrist who himself is a criminal, an asshole official bottleneck who thinks he is very smart, a diligent experienced officer who believes in our heroine no matter what.... and a nail biting, mind rattling plot. what else can one ask for in a thriller!!
tip: i read this playing florence and the machine's 'Halo' in the background. it gave me the 'feel'. ;)

my goodreads review:

The Silence of the LambsThe Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

it scared me. Scared me enough to back to reading 4-5 chick-lit titles before i pick up any other crime thriller again.
Dr Hannibal Lecter is one of the most fascinating character i've ever read. Clarice Starling - brave and inspirational in a way. one can look up to her not to sweat in a tight situation, to retain possession and control of faculties and use them best.
it was really really good.

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i don't know if i can put this into the genre of 'thriller' but it did give me chills. sometimes. otherwise its a casually written horror story.if we exclude the greek rituals, blackmail, murder, drugs, incest, mystery etc it's quite a nice campus novel :)

ah, where do i even begin!! i was excited and hooked since the very beginning to the very end. the same gripping magic and charm of sherlock holmes and his ingenious methods, lestrades confusion, watson's friendship and loyalty, mrs hudson's care, the setting/backdrop of London and mind boggling mysteries/crimes followed by the superb adventure that unfolds in the wake of danger and risk. all in the new mix of modern world! what an awesome thrilling experience. i can't wait for season 3!!

16 km of river rafting in Ganga river in rishikesh.An  Amazing experience with amazing friends. i'll post the pics soon :) the thrill and excitement of floating in the gigantic river when i don't even know how to swim, and shivering like a madman afterwards: unforgettable.


  1. cool... Looks like you had loads of fun last month : )
    ...I've added The Secret History to my list : )

  2. @theconfusedgraduate you won't be disappointed :)


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