Thursday, March 29, 2012

About me

i was just reading what this section on the right hand side. whoa. boy, it really needs an edit. i had written it about 2 years ago. some of the things in there don't define me anymore. things have changed or i would say, I've grown up in some ways. my first impulse on reading this 'about me' was to scratch everything out write a big AWKWARD on top of it, in red. but that impulse lasted about 2 seconds.
i don't feel that i am as fragile and vulnerable as i was before. i am definitely not in a 'well of depression' nor i was when i wrote it. it was a difficult time in my life, it hard to cope up with life and i was just really, really sad. but that time has passed and now I've learnt not to expect a lot from life and to do everything with a bucket-full of hope and everything turns out alright. in the end. if it doesn't, i just keep waiting for the end.
i don't feel that i am 'ambitious pursuer' anymore either. i try to do my best in things and enjoy doing it while it lasts.
i am 'a compassionate friend' but i don't often tell my friends or show them how much they actually matter to me. i'm awkward that way but i am there by the side of people who are true and mean well.
the rest is slightly off the mark but still true. it reminds me of what i thought of myself back then. they are very small facets of my personality, the rest of the million small things: my flaws, insecurities, strengths, abilities, manners, habits, passions, the things that are still a mystery to me, they are stitched together by good intentions to make me.
for all we know, i'm just an awkward, quiet girl who dreams the impossible dreams, loves to write and also happens to be the biggest procrastinator in the world.


thank you for stopping by! i'd love to hear from you..:)

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