Thursday, February 23, 2012

in the middle of the night

the sleep doesn't always come as silently and softly as it should.
some nights the brain just refuses to relax.
it just decides to play over the bad memories and throws in scenarios of fresh fears...
wondering, storming, just making a mess very hard to solve. what if ... what if.... the wrongs.. the guilt... what if everything in the life from here will keep getting on worse? what if i'm lost forever?
it's like a gasp never leaving the body but its curb is building a lethal pressure inside. the expression that could define these feelings would be like a lifesaver 'cause the mind is exploding. the unease, the squirm, what are they doing to me? where would it end.. .. if it would?


  1. haha.. this happens way too often to me... people say even in my sleep I constantly move my feet and legs nervously. my mind is never at rest. constantly thinkin some shit ... ! : P

    Ne ways nice post Ankita : )

  2. life is always a little more bearable when someone understands. thanks :)


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