Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Being in last second and last third of semester sucks for an engineering student. Caught between the uncertainties of pursuing further studies, or getting a job, having to study harder to make up for all those f---ed up semesters and trying to get the most out of college days takes a toll. When i started college i thought i would be able to have a clear idea of what i would want to do rest of my life by the time i reach the final years. But now, i'm not so sure. i am at a crossroads from where every path seems to lead to an unknown future. The only thing that i can be sure of is that i would know if i'm going to enjoy doing something or not. h That sounds so easy, doesn't it? find what you love and do it!. sigh. If only things were that easy. Well, i'm just an inspiration away. Right now the best advice i can give to myself is this.

happy remaining-college-days !!
image sources flickr and the thecoastaltheory.com

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