Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monsoon moments

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The smell of earth after its just rained, patter of raindrops on the window, how the sky looks, delightful, fresh and clean after showers, things reflected in puddles of water on the road, sound of 'SPLASH' whenever a car goes by, garden plants - lush green and thriving because of nourishment of rainwater, beads of water glistening and sparkling on its leaves.......
And having steamy cup of tea with spicy, crunchy 'pakoras' while its raining cats and dogs outside or having coffee while immersed in a romantic novel beside the window with raindrops trickling on the glass pane.
i just LOVE this season!!

what are your favorite moments or memories of monsoon?


  1. playing on de terrace .. with my sibs cousins ..:)

  2. seeing someone spcl waitin 4 u outside ur house completely drenched in rain <3

  3. oh i forgot to add.. getting drenched in rain with friends while on a picnic :)

  4. enjoy mansoon season with maa best frnds on the out side road.......


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