Sunday, May 29, 2011

The dissolving Resolve

June might be a month when normally a common Indian expects the monsoon to come and soothe their sun baked lives with its showers, but for me (and other unfortunate students of RGPV) june yells: EXAM TIME!!!

So, with exams on my head, i resolved to keep myself at bay from internet, television, novels, ipod, or any other object or activity that seems interesting to me, and keep my focus on studies.  For a record, the resolution lasted 2 days; it took me two days of my self imposed confinement with the books to break away.

 I didn't want to! No. Seriously, this time i want to enter the exam hall 'in preparation'( for a change ha!). But, (yes there's a but, as there is always a 'but') 15 minutes of studying seem like 15 hours of boredom! and  whenever i steal a look at my ipod (not deliberately! my eyes just wander that way out of habit :/), i feel like its calling me, begging me silently to come and listen songs from it. And that favorite novel that used to be in hands day and night, it looks so forlorn and lonely on the shelf, its sad because i abandoned it, it misses me :'(
 Even that stupid game on my phone seems to be mocking me, calling my attention. Slowly, i'm losing myself in their conspiracies to deviate me from my books. My resolve is dissolving.........

but hopefully i would overcome and this is what i'd do the whole month :STUDY

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