Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Excerpt...

Last night was an unforgettable dream; A real dream in midst of a series of nightmares that took her by surprise. It shone like a bright star on a dark cloudy sky; it contrasted like a freshly bloomed flower smiling gloriously upon a jungle of withered shrubberies and bushes, a ray of light in everlasting darkness of dungeons deep beneath. After a long haul had the insecurities seen any hope, the clouded visions any path to the future, the uncertainties diminished by some degrees. She took a deep breath and let the hope fill her insides. she thought of every possible possibility, contemplated over every detail and neatly tied up every loose end in her mind. When she felt settled in mind, she exhaled.

Everything seemed possible now….. There was a plan to execute, a crucial decision to make. Life will never be the same again. Last night’s events had made that possible.

*this is an excerpt from one of the stories that i'm writing, if you have any suggestions or opinion on my writing skills please leave a comment! *

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