Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anticipating the monsoon…

I’ve had enough of this heat and sun, dry and coarse winds, enough of this scorching summer now. I’m waiting for monsoon.

 I’m craving for the raindrops to fall from above and hit the grounds. I’m longing for the smell of earth after it has rained. I’m anticipating the chill and moisture that fills the air during monsoon. I’m yearning to see every inch of soil covered with greenery. The longing has become intense now that monsoon is just three days away (according to newspaper reports). I miss the dripping sound of water on the windowsill of my bedroom and having a steamy cup of tea, sitting there while it rained, remembering the finest moments of my life or reading my favorite novels against the background sound of splashing water and thundering clouds.  
 I just hope monsoon will be here soon.


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  1. beautifully written, giving the reader a genuine feel of the write, especially the last line of the para. The monsoon's always been my favourite time of the year and I'd pray my hardest for it in the stifling heat of summer.. especially on loadshedding days :)


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