Friday, May 20, 2016

Street food addiction

Since childhood, i have survived various sort of addictions. Video game addiction, TV addiction, i'm still an exhaustive book reader (never grew out of that one), online shopping addiction, korean drama addiction and the latest one, which i hadn't even realized: Street food.

At first it was just a necessity. i mean, who wants to cook dinner after a long, hard day at work? and when there are so many options around...
So, fixing dinner in the kitchen became an occasional event. But eventually when health and weight started taking its toll, i made a resolution to have home made, healthy food only. No eating out.

That didn't last. And thats when i came to know that i did not like to have dinners at home at all. I have come to love the extra oil and masala that only street vendors can provide.  I need my fix every 2 days. Sometimes daily. By now, i don't even want to get rid of comfort food. Drawback being it burns a hole in the pocket. 

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