Friday, July 13, 2012


what and why? two most dominating words weighing down my mind at moments of uncertainity.Shit like this always happens and when it does i keep coming back to these questions.

i've had a lot of phases. Well, basically only 2 phases most of the time. Phase 1: all i wanted to do was to lie in my room wishing the world beyond that door didn't exist or rather i didn't. coexistence seemed intriguing, paradoxical, and just a bit too much. Ever felt like you'd explode? yeah, well been there.Phase 2: Sort of whenever i recover from phase 1; the period of numbness when the wounds aren't as raw and i feel like i can act cool and okay with everything and i start not to sweat things too much, have a ripping time whenever i meet someone. but inevitably it all comes back. i start seeing the ghost of reasons i had chosen, believed to ignore this world. the scab gets rubbed and reels again.

An that is the story of how my life is pretty much trapped between these two shitty phases. always in out of two dark worlds... its like nothing good ever happens.
can things ever be better than this?
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