Saturday, April 14, 2012

Parallel Paths

I had written this a few months back but i forgot to post it...
"We started out the same spot, same way, same direction. We had some great destinations in our mind. We trudged along, we flew, we ran. we didn’t realize when the paths became two from one. But that was nothing right? We were still on parallel paths, we could see each other and wave and all.What went wrong? you ended up in a different world and me, my path led me to wilderness where every path is lost. at instances when i worked my way out to a straight road, our ways did cross… you were having completely different experiences. and i was hopping on from one kind of emptiness to another….."

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  1. And who was that? parallel partner?? ;)

  2. OFCOURSE.Thats why i asked;)

  3. k i would like to take that comment back.. no delt :(

  4. woooh... someone !! even i dun know.....? :p
    surprise n shockd ! :/

  5. btw commandable work.. touched ! ^_^

  6. oh thankew thankew :) *takes a bow*


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